Who we are

La moutarderie du Luxembourg

Moutarderie de Luxembourg is synonymous with a human adventure that started almost 100 years ago and which has thrived on successions and passing down of strong values.

Moutarderie de Luxembourg is an extraordinary story of sharing in which excellence and tradition each day further enhance our know-how and our desire to always do better.

« Cooking calls for a light head, a generous spirit and a large heart. » Paul Gauguin

Our team



    Director Tél : (+352) 26 29 03 818
  • Roland MUNHOWEN

    Roland MUNHOWEN

    Director Tél : (+352) 26 29 03 303
  • Maëlynn DUSSAUCY

    Maëlynn DUSSAUCY

    Marketing & Sales Tél : (+352) 26 29 03 300
  • Jean FRANCK

    Jean FRANCK

    Production Manager Tél : (+352) 26 29 03 200
  • Wolfgang ZEIMENTZ

    Wolfgang ZEIMENTZ

    Production Manager Tél : (+352) 26 29 03 201
  • Philip KAUDY

    Philip KAUDY

    Industrial Mechanic
  • Sandra TATONE

    Sandra TATONE

  • Marion JAKOBS

    Marion JAKOBS

  • Enrico GROEBEL

    Enrico GROEBEL




Our know-how

Moutarderie de Luxembourg is a family-run business located close to the LuxembourgGerman border. Our story began nearly100 years ago, in 1922, when we produced our first-ever mustard sauce. Since then we have increased our range of products and continued to produce high quality and tasty sauces for all to enjoy. Today, the daily running of the business falls under the watchful and loving gaze of the third and fourth generations of the Munhowen family – the father and son team – Roland and Yann Munhowen.

We currently produce thirteen different sauces. These include four different types of mustard (mild, strong, wholegrain mustard and organic mustard) and three mayonnaise (classic “with egg”, with lemon and with wholegrain mustard).

In 2014, we added two new products to our range of sauces – Ketchup and Andalouse – and in 2018 we started the production of our BBQ sauce. From the end
of 2021, our family of sauces increased further with the introduction of three newbies: the Aïoli, the Cocktail and the Samouraï Sauce. Thanks to our loyal customers, the three latest additions have – like the rest of our range » proved to be a great success. All our sauces are certified with the “Made in Luxembourg” label. They are all preservative and gluten free and made with the finest ingredients. To meet our customers’ needs – both private individuals and professionals from within the food industry – all our sauces are available in different sizes and packaging.