Who we are

La moutarderie du Luxembourg

Moutarderie de Luxembourg is synonymous with a human adventure that started almost 100 years ago and which has thrived on successions and passing down of strong values.

Moutarderie de Luxembourg is an extraordinary story of sharing in which excellence and tradition each day further enhance our know-how and our desire to always do better.

« Cooking calls for a light head, a generous spirit and a large heart. » Paul Gauguin

Our team

  • Roland <br/>MUNHOWEN


    Director Tél : (+352) 26 29 03 303
  • Yann <br/>MUNHOWEN


    Director Tél : (+352) 26 29 03 818
  • Maëlynn<br>DUSSAUCY


    Assistant of Direction Tél : (+352) 26 29 03 300
  • Jean <br/>FRANCK


    Production Manager Tél : (+352) 26 29 03 200
  • Wolfgang <br>ZEIMENTZ


    Production Manager Tél : (+352) 26 29 03 201
  • Sandra <br/> TATONE


  • Marion <br/> JAKOBS


  • Esmat<br>MOHAMED


  • Enrico<br>GROEBEL



Our know-how

Each year, Moutarderie de Luxembourg produces almost 265 tonnes of mustard and 140 tonnes of mayonnaise, mainly destined for the Luxembourg market. The mustard grains used come from Canada and Europe, whilst the vegetable oil contained in the mayonnaise is from Luxembourg.

Since all the ingredients are guaranteed 100% natural and preservative-free, Luxembourg mustard, in comparison with other mustards, possesses a shorter best before date. Indeed, this is exactly what Roland Munhowen means when he describes it as a product that is “authentic and traditional, to be enjoyed when new, fresh and creamy”.

At all the production stages, carried out daily and solely on the basis of orders taken, Roland and Yann Munhowen are omnipresent, from selection and ordering of raw materials to supervision of the final operations, not forgetting monitoring of the basic recipes.

Contrary to other mustard producers, the essential oils contained in the grains are not extracted during grinding, which gives the sauce genuine quality and incomparable taste.

During blending and maturing, vinegar is added to the crushed grains which, once soaked, form a creamy mixture. Salt, sugar and spices are added which give Luxembourg mustard its so unique taste.

After new mixing and grinding, the mixture is pumped into a vat where it remains for an entire night in order to vent out the oxygen. The following day, the fully automated packaging operations are conducted in optimal hygiene conditions, guaranteeing constant product quality.

Since the Moutarderie de Luxembourg redesigned its labels back in 2015, the company has enjoyed huge success and has further expanded its range by creating two new brands: “Ketchup de Luxembourg” and “Andalouse de Luxembourg”.

To date, both new products are still constantly evolving – they have gained an excellent reputation based on the high ethical standards of their creators and the outstanding quality of their sauces.